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At CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG), we’re passionate about building our Company brand based on integrity, proven performance and complete customer satisfaction.

CTG has reinvented its Company to meet the environmental expectations of a decarbonized future, and rebranded with a mission to become a key integral player in meeting the need for grid reliability while the world of power generation slowly but determinedly transforms itself. We will continue to deliver the highest level of quality global engineering, procurement, construction, start-up, commissioning, and maintenance (EPCM) services for power generation facilities of all types, classes and sizes.

We were founded upon the mission of creating substantial customer value through our professionalism, years of experience, commitment and innovative strategies. Since 1995, we’ve provided high quality new, used and refurbished surplus electrical equipment and technical support services to our customers, and as we grow, our commitment to servicing your power generation needs remains the key driving force behind our Company brand.

Whether the solution is carbon-fired, carbon-neutral or a hybrid,  our team of professionals stands with you to inspire with their unique ideas, quality and safety standards, competitive pricing and technical acumen - we invite you to get in touch today for any of your project procurement needs .


CTG Engineering International, Inc. provides feasibility design, civil, control systems, P&ID, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services for all stationary and mobile power generation projects.

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Working with our project and world-class partner installation teams, customers are assured of superior craftsmanship, field services, safety, environmental and quality control management.


CTG delivers a full menu of seamless turnkey solutions including specifications for total project procurement of all BOP.

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CTG provides customized O&M lifecycle services that meet the immediate and long-term operational and capacity needs of your facility.

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Long Term Service Solutions and Spare Parts

CTG offers its customers custom tailored short and long term service solutions enabling operators to optimize plant operations and manage spare parts inventories, while minimizing your maintenance costs.


CTG also provides specialized consulting services tailored to investment bankers, investors, corporate accounting and taxation departments, and the leasing industry including: residual matrices, industry studies, maintenance & return, and end of lease negotiations. CTG’s equipment experience is dedicated solely to power generation assets typically found in power generation facilities and the oil and gas markets such as assets which may be scheduled for decommissioning, that are damaged, in need of repair, upgrading, replacement or for purposes of financing or sale. Whatever your need concerning appraisal and valuation, CTG will work closely with you to provide the most professional and cost effective method to evaluate the real or fair market value of your idle, underperforming or decommissioned power generation assets. Our services are available to clients domestically as well as internationally.

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Sensible, Economical and Dependable Power - Where and When Its Needed Most

CTG Power Solutions LLC is a full service, turnkey mobile rental power solutions company, wholly owned and operated as an affiliate of CTG Power Systems International, Inc. a world leader in reliable power production with 150+ years experience in appraisals and valuations, new, used and refurbished power generation equipment, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), logistics, operations and maintenance (O&M) services. CTG provides customized mobile power solutions for any short or long term power project anywhere power is needed most in the world.


Progress is Power                                                                        
A growing demand for electricity across the globe is the major driver of the need for mobile power. CTG offers an affordable, reliable and rapid solution utilizing the GE TM2500+  delivering 35MW (ISO) of prime or standby power. 

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Development of power generation opportunities with pipeline natural gas, LNG, CNG and LPG.

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CTG is your expert resource for biomass engineering and energy production utilizing organic feedstocks such as: wood chips and agricultural products ( i.e. sugarcane), solid waste (MSW), landfill gas, algae and alcohol fuels.

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