Harold Pernia
VP, Project Management

Harold Pernia, VP Project Mgmt. Experienced & reliable leader overseeing project success.

Harold Pernia currently serves as VP of Project Management for CTG Systems International’s (CTG). Harold joined the Company in 2010, and at that time, he served as senior project manager for Latin America. Mr. Pernia graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1985 and also received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987. and holds another Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Boston College. Harold offers CTG’s clients excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a keen acumen for working very effectively with a diversity of clients including developers, architects, engineers, merchant operators, government officials, subcontractors and vendors.. Mr. Pernia offers CTG’s clients a strong track record of operational management, project performance metrics, reporting, scheduling, project profitability and employee development.  A native son of Venezuela, Harold is fully bilingual (English/Spanish)  and  proud to be an American citizen.