New Elliott 4500kw Multi Stage Condensing Steam Turbine Type 2DYR5, 5254 RPM Inlet Steam: 575 PSIG 745 Deg F, Exhaust 3.5”Hga, CCW Rotation Looking From Governor End, 6” Class 600 Inlet Size, 36” Class 150” Up Exhaust. Steam Rate 11.44 Lbs./Hr., Steam Flow 51,500 Lbs./Hr Turbine Maximum Capability 4783KW GEAR REDUCER: Elliott Single Reduction Gear Reducer Input RPM= 5254, Output RPM=1800 GENERATOR: TD Power Systems 5295 KVA, 4500 kW, 0.85 PF, 4160V, TEWAC, Brushless Exciter CONDENSER: Graham surface condenser, 7571 sq. ft, 63,000 lbs./hr steam condensed.

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Steam Turbine, Gear Reducer, Trip and Throttle Valve, Mounted On Common Skid

Condenser, Air Ejector

Local Turbine Gauge Board.

Lube Oil System with Lube Oil Tank, AC and DC Lube Oil Pump

Lube Oil Filter, Lube Oil Cooler

Valtek Governor Actuator

Steam Turbine Blankets

Lube Oil Piping Supply And Return From Lube Oil Tank To Turbine And Generator Gland Steam Condenser and Piping

Drain Piping Near  Turbine Generator Terminal Box

Generator Surge Protection with Surge Arrester and Capacitor Engineering Drawings and Manuals,

Foundation Design Data Neutral Ground Resister Coupling With Guard

Turbine Generator Control Panel

Generator Circuit Breaker

Battery Charger, Battery and Rack

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