Consisting of Dresser-Rand frame S-6, 2500KW Single Valve Multi Stage Condensing Steam Turbine, 6000 RPM, Inlet Steam 200 to 300 psig, 500 to 600 Deg. F, Exhaust 2” HGA, CW rotation looking from governor end, 1 Curtis 6 rateau stages, Woodward 505 Governor. 6” class 600 Inlet size, 30” class 125 Up Exhaust. Hand valve for part load operation. Lube oil system, gland steam condenser. GENERATOR: Ideal 2941 KVA, 2500 KW, 4160V, 3 Phase, 60HZ. Air cooled with brushless exciter. 1800RPM CONDENSER: Graham surface condenser, 3271 sq. ft., 43,000 lbs./hr. steam condensed.