New 60/80MVA 60Hz. 3 Phase Step Down Transformer HV: 69 kV LV : 34.5 kV Winding Type: Copper Function: Step-Down

  • Brand: CUSTOM
  • SKU: STDT-06-6011

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MVA Rating 60 MVA @ 65°C

80 MVA @ 65°C Application Outdoor

Cooling Class KNAN/KNAF Winding Temp. Rise 65°C

Continuous Rating

(ONAN) (MVA) 60 MVA Continuous Rating (ONAF) (MVA) 80 MVA

Number of Phases 3-Phase Insulating Fluid FR3

Frequency 60 Hertz Winding Material Copper

HV Rating (KV) 69 kV LV Rating (KV) 34.5 kV

Primary Winding

Configuration Delta Secondary Winding Configuration GrdWye

HV Windings BIL (KV) 350 kV LV Windings BIL (KV) 200 kV

Vector Group Dyn1 LV Neutral Winding BIL

(KV) 150 kV

Tapping Ratio (DETC) ±2 x 2.5% No. of Taps (DETC) 5

HV Bushings BIL (KV) 350 kV LV Neutral Bushings

(KV) 250 kV

LV Bushings BIL (KV) 250 kV Winding Type Circular

Core Configuration Step Lap Control Cabinet NEMA

Rating NEMA 4

Function Step-Down Oil Preservation System Conservator Tank with


Aux AC Voltage 240/120 Vac, 1ph, 60Hz Efficiency (%) Non-DOE

Aux DC Voltage 125 Vdc Transformer Impedance

H-X @ ONAN (%) Z = 7.55%

Color ANSI 70 Light Gray Altitude (ft) 3300 ft

Max Sound Level (dB) NEMA TR1 Ambient Temp. 11°C to 95.5°C

Fan Voltage 120/240 Vac Shipping Method Nitrogen Blanket

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