(2) X New 50Hz. Mitsubishi 1500kWe MGS‐G‐EU 1875‐C Gas Fired Generating Sets with standard embedded auto control and auxiliary panel. Voltage 400V or 3 to 11kV, 3P+N, cos phi 0,8, Frequency 50 Hz CE compliance : 2006/42/EC machinery Included in standard scope Remote auto start control panel with DEIF synchronizer for parallel mode / engine gas, ignition and detonation controllers / Mitsubishi PLC / touchscreen color HMI incl. harness assembly with industrial connectors (plug & play) Auxiliary panel including 230/400Vac power supplies to genset auxiliaries and 24Vdc power source to PLC Starting battery kit + batteries + 24Vdc charger Engine coolant heater Alternator space heater Full instrument and protective devices set (oil, coolant, exhaust, cylinder, air, gas, air/fuel mixture – pressure – temperature – level – knock ) Complete gas train mounted on genset, ready to use (plug & play) Air filter kit Oil mist filtration kit (closed loop system) Lube oil level regulator Lube oil priming pump Exhaust bellow (loose supply) Gas flexible set (loose supply) Cooling water bellow set (loose supply) Temperature control valve (3 way type), HT and LT + temperature sensor set (loose supply) Antivibration pads (loose supply) Factory test report

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1.1 - PR187598002-00 -- MGS-G-EU 1875-C Technical Specification.pdf

The MGS-G-EU 1875-C genset is designed and manufactured in France, following the highest quality standards (ISO 9001 :2018) and complying with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (CE). The MGS-EU modular design offers a wide variety of combinations including multiple options to satisfy with any technical specification thus minimizing on-site adaptation and commissioning time. Thanks to its compact size, it can fit in any standard container (ISO) or occupy minimum footprint in a power house. Its robustness and reliability makes it suitable for any kind of application from stand-by for emergency to continuous 24/7 use, including variable load during unlimited time. It will ideally suit your application in hospital, data center, commercial or municipal building, industry and decentralized power plant.