FOUR (4) X SF6 145kV HITACHI 3000AMP 40kA 50/60HZ. CIRCUIT BREAKERS REF. NO. CBK-06-5007 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Type: HS145B Mfg. HVB AE Power Systems, Inc. Rated Max. Voltage: 145kV Rate Power Frequency: 50/60Hz. Rated Voltage Range Factor, K: 1.0 Rate Shot-Circuit Current: 40kA Percent DC Component: 55% Rated Interrupting Time: 3 Cycles Rated Continuous Current: 3000AMP Rated Full Wave Lighting Impulse Withstand Voltage <Bil>: • Terminal To Ground Circuit Breaker Closed: 650kV • Terminal To Ground Circuit Breaker Open: 650kV Total Weight of Breaker w/Gas - 7000Lbs. (3175) kg Total Weight of SF6 Gas - 44Lbs. (20) kg Short Time Duration: 3 Seconds Operating Mechanism: HVB S1 Reconditioned with (1) Year Warranty