Condition: NEW (0 Hours since New) Package: Brand: Caterpillar Model: 3516 Stattionary Control Panel: EMCP 4.4 Breaker: No Enclosure: No Fuel Tank: No Battery Charger: No Battery(ies): No Block Heater: No Muffler(s): Yes Engine: Date of Manufacture: 2022 Fuel Type: Diesel Governor: Yes Air Cleaner: Standard Flywheel Hsg. Size: 00 Cooling: Radiator Alternator: Starter: Heavy Duty EPA Tier Rating: Non-Tier Generator: kW: 1820 Prime, kVA: 2275 kVA Prime Rating: Prime Volts: 10,500v Amps: 125 Phase: 3 Power Factor: 0.8 Temp. Rise: 105 °C Frame Size: # of Leads: 6 Excitation: AREP PMG: RPM: 1500 Warranty: The engines and parts are subject to the terms and conditions of Caterpillar’s worldwide 12-month warranty for new equipment.