Two (2) X LM2500 PE SAC engines with 6-stage power turbines available for immediate sale.

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We have two LM2500 PE SAC with 6 stage power turbines available. One unit has just a few thousand hours after overhaul and in excellent condition. The engine was overhauled at GE Rheden, Netherlands in 2012 and kept as a spare engine for a gas compressor station. 

The subject engine was preserved and maintained on regularly after overhaul, until it was put in operation in the gas compressor plant on early March 2019, when it had operated approx. 3,600-4,000 hrs. The complete compressor station was shut down and decommissioned in July-August 2019.

CTG does not have the exact running hours from May until shutdown, as we don't know the exact date the operator shut down the gas well and compressor station.  CTG has been informed it was summer of 2019, so the engine could have less running hours than stated above as it was decommissioned in May-June 2019 timeframe. After the shut down, the engine was preserved and it still being preserved/maintained on a regular basis.

Remaining running hours before hot section service were 21-23,000 hrs. based on gas fuel firing (per GE recommendations followed).

Overhaul report from Rheden is available upon request. 

The engine had only been running on gas fuel, and is currently equipped with gas fuel nozzles and manifolds, hydraulic starter and Woodward digital fuel controller/VSV controller.

The second engine was also overhauled by GE and has the same operational profile however, it has run approx. 12,000 hours (on gas fuel only).