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CTG is offering one (1) dual fuel dual frequency refurbished GE mobile power generation unit mounted on a two-trailer assembly, comprised of a TM2500+ Gen6™ generator set that can be transported via land, sea, and air to some of the most remote places in the world. Their mobile nature means that they can be swiftly deployed to other sites within days when they are no longer required at the original site.

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Performance you can count on for mobile Power. The GE TM2500+ total solution and Services support a TM2500+ fast-power solution project may include:

• Installation

• Commissioning

• Project management

• Decommissioning

• Consumable parts kit (filters/ lubricants for operation needs)

In addition, CTG offers many services to support the ongoing operation and performance of the unit including, but not limited to the following:

• On-call technical advisory services

• Maintenance planning and training

• On-site hot section, combustor, and other modular exchanges

• Depot Repair Services for scheduled overhauls and unscheduled repairs

• Performance testing


Inlet Filter Assembly

Trailer Gooseneck



Inlet Plenum

GE LM2500+ Gas Turbine

Brush BDAX 62-170ER Generator

Exhaust Stack Hydraulic


Fuel/Water Pumps

Lube Oil Coolers

Turbine Enclosure

Fire Suppression

Control Room & Battery Room




Model Water Injection
(NOx = 25 ppmvd
@15% O2)
Heat Rate
Heat Rate
Power Turbine
Speed (RPM)
Exhaust Flow
Exhaust Flow
Temp (F)
Temp (C)

60 HZ

TM2500+ None 30.688 8830 9316 39 22.5 3600 192.2 87.2 959.1 515
TM2500+ Yes 30.988 9285 9796 37 22.8 3600 196.6 89.2 906.0 485.6

50 HZ

TM2500+ None 26.190 9246 9755 37 21.2 3000 184.5 83.7 925.0 496.1

TM2500+ Yes 26.190 9705 10239 35 21.3 3000 187.2 84.9 879.0 470.6

*The performance data shown above is at standard ISO (International Organization for Standardization) conditions. The ISO has defined the following standard conditions for comparing gas turbine

engines Ambient air: 59°F/15°C, 60% RH; Barometric pressure (14.696 psia / 101.4 kPa); Sea level altitude. 60 Hz based on a Brush air-cooled generator w/brushless excitation @ 0.90 PF; 59°F/15°C cooling air; 13.8 kV (50 Hz @ 11.5 kV)

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