This offering consists of a powertrain of a 400MW power plant that contains the following components and their auxiliary components: • GE 9FA Gas Turbine • GE D10A Steam turbine • Alstom Power Boilers Heat Recovery System Generator • GE 390H Generator

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General Electric Gas turbine Model 9FA+e. Power Output 260 MW. Works with Natural Gas or Diesel.

Less than 50,000 hours of use and in perfect working condition.

Period for receiving direct offers is open for limited time

Last Overhaul Available

Complete inventory of new spare parts available

Plant secured and in conservation

All preparation work has been done to place the powertrain into safe and secure storage and to maintain the equipment for its correct conservation.

Decommission and Removal

CTG will support the interest of any party in the removal and logistics activities advising the best alternatives and subcontractors in case needed.

The  GT couples to a Powertrain that works on a Single Shaft configuration comprised of a gas turbine and a steam turbine for an ISO capacity output of 400MW. Equipment in early stage of life cycle. Located in Europe.

Note: Unit was commissioned for the project on 2002. However, in 2006 (around 24,000 working hours), the rotor was replaced with a new one.

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