The Renewable Technologies Corporation (RTC) is an alternative energy services company founded in 2007, and serves as a wholly owned subsidiary of CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI). RTC's corporate offices are located in Auburn, Alabama and established as an auxiliary business unit to support and augment CTG-PSI's global power generation equipment, engineering, project management and utility services parent corporation.

We were founded upon the mission of creating substantial client value through our professionalism, years of experience and innovative strategies. By advancing cutting-edge technologies learned from our various projects through our sister company, CTG Power Systems, we, coupled with our creativity, provide our clients with trustworthy and cost effective solutions to their most complex renewable power project challenges, and thereby help to advance and sustain the quality of green energy installations around the world.

Our company offers an excellent solution set corresponding to the emerging need for the delivery of specialized project management, equipment and financing services in the alternative energy sector. We are experienced and capable of providing a multitude of essential early stage technical advisory services focused on pre-engineering, setting an order of magnitude and budget for equipment procurement, review of financing alternatives, feasibility and project management planning.

RTC is a professional energy services and consulting company helping you contain costs in the early stages of any "waste-to-energy" or cogeneration power project. Feasibility and pre-engineering, and critical analysis in the early going can save a great deal of money and time down the road.

RTC is flexible and very competitive. We usually administer most projects on a turnkey basis and provide access to project and equipment financing provided through CTG Capital Partners, LLC bringing together a comprehensive menu of services enhancing the prospect of early success for a well-defined biomass projects anywhere in the world.

Project Services

The Renewable Technologies Corporation (RTC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI) formed as a response to the growing need for the delivery of specialized services in biomass energy production, and capable of providing the multitude of essential technical, project management and financial su[pport services necessary for the success of any biomass project.



RTC Power Systems, LLC (RTC-PS), a full service engineering, procurement, construction, project management, start-up and maintenance company (also referred to as EPCM) offers its clients a full suite of energy related Project Management Services including, pre- and complete engineering, procurement and construction on site management services (EPC) which includes equipment evaluation and supply.

RTC Power Systems' expert project management team is comprised of highly driven, experienced power professionals who demand the highest standards at each project site. Working with our project teams, construction and project management partners and clients' operating plant personnel, new or existing plants are assured of capable installation and are prepared for safe start-up, commissioning and production, with a focuse on safety, cost, quality and schedule. 

Clients look to RTC-PS to deliver intricate projects against challenging geographic locations internationally. RTC-PS' project management expertise rises to the occasion on every job site and immediately assumes an integral leadership role. As project manager, RTC-PS assembles and integrates the machinations of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) functions to meet client expectations.

RTC-PS often serves as overall EPCM Contractor on every scale of capital power projects involving millions of dollars of goods and services, in challenging locations and under challenging conditions. 

As the client's single point of contact, RTC-PS aggregates the activities of all contractors and subcontractors, often from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to ensure the success of the overall project objectives.

RTC-PS is consistently regarded as one of the most progressive EPC&M companies in the global power generation community. RTC-PS prides itself on its ability to deliver projects on time, safely, and within budget. One of the reasons clients choose RTC-PS is for its ability to provide all essential services in-house, eliminating the need for numerous outside consultants. This capability is cutting-edge and changing the method by which project management can benefit the client in terms of schedule, cost and efficiency.



In the United States, we already get 45 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity from biomass, about 1.2 percent of our nation's total electric sales. We also get nearly four billion gallons of ethanol, about two percent of the liquid fuel used in cars and trucks. The contribution for heat is also substantial. But with better conversion technology and more attention paid to energy crops, we could produce much more. Estimates of the ultimate potential for biomass energy vary, and depend on agricultural forecasts, waste reduction by industry, and paper recycling. The Department of Energy believes that we could produce as much as 20 percent by 2030.

For electricity, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that energy crops and crop residues alone could supply as much as much as 14 percent of our power needs. The direction of the US and the world at large, is slowly finding that is more cost efficient, responsible and more profitable in the long term to develop and nurture these eco-friendly concepts and ideas when considering new power plant development. 

RTC is one of few professional global renewable energy services companies  with an understanding of the needs when putting together all of the pieces essential to a successful Biomass power plant project. RTC can ensure your success through thoughtful and strategic technical planning providing partial or full turnkey service solutions for biomass energy production anywhere in the world, which services include, but are not limited to:



RTC is equipped to handle all project management activities
for a successful turnkey project start to finish:

  • - Budget Controls
  • - Code Analysis And Permitting
  • - Construction Management
  • - Insurance Carrier Requirements
  • - Maintenance Systems Development
  • - Overall Project Management
  • - Project Scheduling
  • - Equipment Scope & Procurement
  • - Startup, Parts Plan & Management
  • - Operations and Maintenance
  • - Commissioning


RTC can help you with project development from conception
through business plan development and project approval:

  • - Business Plan Development Support
  • - Development & Feasibility Studies
  • - Pre-Engineering Layout and Design
  • - Electrical Interconnect Agreements
  • - Energy & Raw Material Contracts
  • - Environmental Permitting
  • - Financial & Value Analysis
  • - Equipment Evaluation and Selection
  • - Fuel & Raw Material Studies
  • - Project Team Development
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Procurement & Quality Assurance

With full-service, dedicated professionals in various offices around the world, RTC Power Systems, LLC (RTC-PS) is committed to bringing the "best procurement solutions" for our projects through the careful selection of suppliers and fabricators. We are committed to "sourcing excellence with integrity" as we provide world-class services to meet clients' needs. 


Ensuring the success of your project with RTC Power Systems' expert procurement skills and experience is a wise decision. Procurement is one of the most critical cost sensitive areas that can make or break your budgets, schedules, and construction quality. RTC-PS seasoned high level expertise in design and engineering, construction, construction management, start-up and commissioning provides our clients a key advantage into the issues that can defeat a project before it even begins. We draw heavily on proven best practices and principles to lead strategies for procuring project materials and supplies that maximize client value and keep costs low.
By quoting and procuring from our cadre of global construction partners and suppliers, our resources are strategically located to ensure cost-effective, timely project delivery. Our procurement team strives to purchase commodities locally as much as possible to minimize transportation costs and duties.


RTC-PS has developed and maintains a framework for the assessment and auditing of suppliers to ensure that the services and products supplied meet our quality requirements. Our quality assurance team proactively monitors performance, gathering feedback from our project team members and third-party inspectors. Periodic meetings with third-party quality control companies and audits of individual inspectors for each project guarantee the best qualified inspectors are being utilized.

When procurement is part of the overall project management workscope, RTC Power Systems, LLC constantly sources suppliers to judge the best project solutions based on the capability, availability and cost of materials. 


Operation and Maintenance

RTC Power Systems, LLC (RTC-PS) is a global provider of start-up, commissioning, and operations and maintenance (O&M) services to the power industry. O&M services include plant maintenance, facility management, operations support, asset performance improvement, operations readiness, start-up and commissioning, and small capital project design and construction.
Operations and Maintenance Support is a complex partnership that, when managed well, results in the successful execution of plant functions and diminished technical and commercial risks. RTC-PS, in cooperation with its partner, Bluewater Energy Solutions, is sensitive to and understands that fine balance, and will enhance your structure with the addition of our administrative, managerial and/or operational teams who can translate your objectives into successful endeavors.



Services We Offer

  • - Full O&M Support
  • - Operations Manpower Services
  • - Corporate Plant Management
  • - Safety and Environmental Services
  • - Flexible Contract Structure



RTC-PS provides focused technical services to the energy and industrial marketplace from facility or program conception, startup and commissioning to long term operation. RTC-PS works closely with Bluewater Energy Solutions to understand your business and provide strategic solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

RTC-PS also offers complete Startup and Commissioning services. We understand every project is different and carries its own unique challenges. We will work tirelessly internally and with our colleagues at Bluewater Energy Solutions to take that into account as we hand select each person who serves at your facility. Our goal is to seamlessly support the efforts of your project with a team of knowledgeable and experienced employees. Extensive resumes and proven capabilities allow our management team to keep a firm grip on budgets and schedules as well as plant performance and plant life. RTC-PS is well prepared to meet your needs: domestic or international, itemized, or turnkey we can support your efforts.

We Offer:

  • - Complete Turnkey or Itemized Scope
  • - Startup and Commissioning Plan
  • - Commision Standards
  • - System Coundary Scoping
  • - Startup and Commissioning Schedule
  • - Sytem Turnover Packages
  • - Personnel
  • - Training
  • - Test Equipment




CTG Engineering – Provides professional engineering services for the design and construction management for all CTG company power generation projects.



  • - Licensed Professional Engineers
  • - Preliminary Engineering Studies & Analysis
  • - Detailed Design
  • - Systems Design
  • - 3-D Modeling
  • - Controls System Support
  • - On-site Customer Support
  • - Balance of Plant Equipment Purchase
  • - Project Management
  • - Engineering
  • - Procurement Services


Our Services

  • In-House Conceptual and Preliminary Engineering Services
  • Engineering and Design
  • Procurement and Expediting
  • Construction and Construction Management
  • Asset Management
  • Dismantling and Re-Siting Assistance
  • Environmental Permitting and Site Analysis
  • Owner Engineering Representation
  • Start-Up and Commissioning
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Project Management

Project Planning Questionnaire

Our services include assisting our clients to make use of new energy technologies, and seize new business opportunities in the emerging clean eco-energy sector. Biomass is the forerunner in alternative energy solutions and in all of our future. Allow RTC the opportunity to help you make your concepts a reality.