With full-service, dedicated professionals in various offices around the world, CTG Power Systems International, LLC (CTG-PSI) is committed to bringing the "best practices procurement solutions" for our projects through the careful selection of suppliers and fabricators. We are committed to "sourcing excellence with integrity" as we provide world-class services to meet clients' needs.

Ensuring the success of your project with CTG Power Systems International's expert procurement skills and experience is a wise decision. Procurement is one of the most critical cost sensitive areas that can make or break your budgets, schedules, and construction quality. CTG-PSI's seasoned high level expertise in design and engineering, construction, construction management, start-up and commissioning provides our clients a key advantage into the issues that can defeat a project before it even begins. We draw heavily on proven best practices and principles to lead strategies for procuring project materials and supplies that maximize client value and keep costs low.


By quoting and procuring from our cadre of global construction partners and suppliers, our resources are strategically located to ensure cost-effective, timely project delivery. Our procurement team strives to purchase commodities locally as much as possible to minimize transportation costs and duties.


CTG-PSI has developed and maintains a framework for the assessment and auditing of suppliers to ensure that the services and products supplied meet our quality requirements. Our quality assurance team proactively monitors performance, gathering feedback from our project team members and third-party inspectors. Periodic meetings with third-party quality control companies and audits of individual inspectors for each project guarantee the best qualified inspectors are being utilized.

When procurement is part of the overall project management workscope, CTG Power Systems International constantly sources suppliers to judge the best practices project solutions based on the capability, availability and cost of materials.

Our Services Encompass:

  • Sourcing
  • Negotiating
  • Qualifying
  • Expediting
  • Inspection
  • Logistics

We recognize the importance of delivering quality materials to our project sites on time and within budget. Our global team has the expertise and knowledge to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective and compliant movement of goods across international borders by both land and sea.

Materials ManagementWe provide a comprehensive materials control system which allows for remote entry and updates, providing up-to-the-minute information anytime, anywhere. Our system allows engineering, procurement and construction teams to simultaneously view, update and generate materials reports - keeping all project teams aligned.

Market Intelligence - Current and long-term market conditions and the financial stability of our suppliers is monitored daily. We disseminate this information to our global teams for planning and control of projects underway today as well as those beginning.

Compliance - CTG-PSI ensures compliance with corporate, state, federal and international regulations through constant diligence and adherence to procedures and legal regulations. We provide hands-on assistance as dictated by the criticality of the situation to ensure our procurement requirements are met.