Residual Matrix - an analysis of specified equipment segments such as; machine tools, computers or trucks and trailers. The analysis predicts the long-term value of the equipment usually over 1-5 years and incorporates:

  • - Fair Market Value
  • - Orderly Liquidation Value
  • - Forced Liquidation


Maintenance & Return Provisions - stipulated requirements that outline in detail the responsibilities of the Lessee in the event the Lessee elects to return the equipment at lease termination. These provisions usually address use and ownership, maintenance & repair, inspection, deinstallation, storage and insurance. In the event the Lessee's elects to purchase the equipment then important issues become relevant such as; the advance notice period, the most suitable definition of Fair Market Value (“FMAV”) and a fair and equitable appraisal process to settle any value dispute.

End of Lease Negotiations - the appraisal process to determine the Fair Market residual Value of certain equipment as stipulated within the lease documents. With our 20 years of intimate industry specific experience in the electrical power generation industry, we are capable of providing a fair and equitable valuation for both Lessee and Lessor.  


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