As we endeavor to find more creative ways to offer clients an alternative approach to traditional major acquisition methods (i.e. new factory purchase), we concluded early on that CTG-PSI could play a pivotal role in augmenting the procurement process. The secondary or “gray iron” market is challenging and idiosyncratic. Unless one deals daily in this marketplace and keeps pace with its changes, it is difficult to gage its price structures and understand its complexities. The market is often too broad and time-consuming to source, and when equipment is identified as “surplus”, it is equally difficult to ascertain the veracity of the various offerings with the requisite re-siting characteristics.


The most difficult feature of sourcing on the secondary market is the timing between availability and actual project needs. A paradox exists for buyers, wherein, equipment is identified well before having the necessary environmental permits, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and funding in place. Generally, equipment brokers or agents in this marketplace do a disservice to prospective buyers by employing the “shotgun” marketing approach, and more often than not they are prone to convey hastily prepared information thereby creating unnecessary anxieties within the purchasing community.


Sellers often are easily persuaded to list their equipment without the full benefit of a professionally developed prospectus incorporating the correct purchase terms, which leads to confusion and uneasiness among buyers. Often disreputable brokers and agents are clamoring over each other by disseminating ambiguous and misleading information which only confuses prospective buyers. Another problem exists in valuing non-performing or decommissioned assets against supply and demand.  Merchant operators, cooperatives, power developers and contractors can capitalize on low prices and become more bid competitive by seeking out surplus equipment through a company like CTG-PSI-PSI.


CTG-PSI aggregates surplus power generation equipment daily and matches equipment to the client’s specific project requirements. Along the way we have developed a very accurate database of historical pricing and a basis for valuing equipment with a realistic price point, whether it is operating or decommissioned. In comparison with our nearest competitor, we endeavor to be much more analytical and research oriented in our methods to arrive at the most credible valuation opinion possible.


 To be effective, it is imperative that CTG-PSI has a full and complete understanding of the seller’s or owner’s equipment profile and the terms upon which the owner or seller will enter due diligence with a prospective buyer. When appraising equipment we must considering these same principles in arriving at the most reasonable valuation.  On the marketing side, Sellers receive the same benefit coupled with a quicker disposition of the asset based on a comprehensive and professional offering or term sheet. CTG-PSI-PSI’s greatest asset is its ability to assemble and convey accurate detailed information.    


For the last twenty years, CTG-PSI has built a reputation for assessing the various technical and design characteristics of heavy power generation equipment rendering its assistance to buyers to help them understand the intricacies of entering certain assets into power projects. We are highly respected and relied upon to render valuation and appraisal services in order to maximize the best return for owners of new or secondary market surplus equipment. CTG-PSI is driven by information technology, historical operating characteristics, comparative analysis and factual assessment to arrive at realistic and supportable fair market valuations. During this process, we are able to gauge the market and determine appropriate valuations for our client looking to recover as much asset value as possible.


Marketing as well as acquisition strategies will generally highlight and disseminate manufacturing detail, engineering specifications and site characteristics. The re-siting of equipment and the required evaluative process is a critical and highly important feature of CTG-PSI’s services. CTG-PSI’s value is in the identification of viable projects either in the planning, or early stages of construction.

CTG-PSI is continually updating its database of such projects around the globe and keeps current on prices for new versus used equipment.



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