CTG Power Systems International Inc. (CTG-PSI) is an experienced and full service energy valuation and appraisal firm specializing in the comprehensive assessment of power generation equipment values. After twenty successful years, CTG-PSI has proudly cultivated a reputation as the preeminent authority in the valuation of secondary market surplus heavy new, used and refurbished electrical power generation equipment.

Our range of services includes: field appraisals, desktop opinions, collateral evaluations, and inspections related to transfers of ownership, re-siting of the assets, finance & leasing, insurance, liquidation, arbitration and ad valoreum (property tax).

CTG-PSI also provides specialized consulting services tailored to investment bankers, investors, corporate accounting and taxation departments, and the leasing industry including: residual matrices, industry studies, maintenance & return, and end of lease negotiations.


CTG-PSI’s equipment experience is dedicated solely to power generation assets typically found in power generation facilities and the oil and gas markets such as assets which may be scheduled

for decommissioning, that are damaged, in need of repair, upgrading,  replacement or for purposes of financing or sale.

Whatever your need concerning appraisal and valuation, CTG-PSI will work closely with you to provide the most professional and cost effective method to evaluate the real or fair market value of your idle, underperforming or decommissioned power generation assets. Our services are available to clients domestically as well as internationally.



CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (CTG-PSI) (www.CTGPowerSystems.com) has several affiliate energy and financial services companies under its corporate umbrella.  We offer a diversity of in-house experience and a technical expertise not typically found at other companies.  CTG-PSI is a privately held and internationally recognized energy and power generation equipment company offering a host of diversified services such as engineering, procurement and project management services (EPCM) company.


CTG-PSI is the oldest CTG company first founded in 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia with its corporate headquarters now located in Auburn, Alabama. CTG-PSI’s mission, first and foremost, is to provide buyers and sellers a dynamic repository of high quality, new, refurbished and decommissioned high grade electrical generating equipment. CTG-PSI is the leading power generation surplus authority where buyers can easily source major utility components and ancillary equipment at below market prices.


Sellers of non-performing or decommissioned surplus assets are afforded equal maximum global marketing exposure of their equipment along with a comprehensive menu of turnkey professional services directed at the quick and efficient disposition of those assets. CTG-PSI provides technical resources and engineering sales assistance for hard-to-find, quality electrical components and power generation systems such as heavy gas turbine and diesel generator sets, as well as complete power plants. Buyers are matched with Sellers according to design, project application and price. 



CTG-PSI commands a notable presence in the international power generation community through its integrated network of both on and offline partnerships driven by transparent methods for conducting business and the overall industry reputation cultivated through delivery of its professional energy support services of which appraisal and valuation remain a very integral facet of its primary operation.  Power generation equipment is presented and marketed in a neutral forum through a variety strategic marketing initiatives, including sophisticated e-Commerce and social media technologies, coupled with traditional bricks-and-mortar stratagems where prospective buyers and sellers actively converge to determine their technical requirements, application, negotiate best pricing and availability.

In most circumstances, CTG-PSI will canvas for a credit worthy buyer, purchase the seller’s equipment and then remarket and re-sell to the buyer with a margin added. There is also a great deal of due diligence involved in such a transaction in order to qualify the integrity of the equipment. This may also involve evaluation for potential uprating and refurbishment of the equipment as part of the closing requirements.

Over the last two decades, the CTG-PSI team has learned a great deal about the operational characteristics and valuation of equipment having purchased as a company more than $500MM USD of new and used heavy power generation equipment .

Our menu of product offerings is not grouped together and mass marketed; rather, equipment is segregated and marketed directly to potential buyers within a particular industry. This is further accomplished through a very large proprietary database with direct contact to buyers and sellers, traditional marketing methods and utilization of cross branding strategies with online business communities, as well as aggressive direct marketing campaigns via fax, social media platforms, email or normal postal mail mechanisms. The final result is unprecedented exposure of equipment to targeted audiences thereby improving the prospects for selling as well as purchasing. 





Categories and Status of Equipment:


Used (or “second-user”):

Suggests equipment which has at one time been supplied, installed and used at least once. This may mean it is anything from one month to 80 years old.


Unused Surplus:

Has never been fully commissioned, for whatever reason and may be still in the OEM's factory, delivered to site or long term storage location, installed or partly installed but never commissioned, or fully installed and pre-commissioned but never put to use. Some residual warranty or performance guarantee may be available.


New (or "As New") Surplus:

May be still in the factory, crated in storage, or installed but unused as above. Implies that the equipment is probably still under warranty, although the 'transferability' of such warranty may be disputed by the OEM or owner.


Cancelled-order Surplus:

Most likely to be still in the factory (or OEM's storage location), at an advanced stage of manufacture, or even completed and crated, ready for delivery, with the possible exception of certain ancillary items (e.g. fuel forwarding or gas receiving skids, NOx injection system, switch-gear, etc.). Usually with “as-new” warranty and performance guarantee by negotiation, depending on site ambient conditions and fuel specifications.


"Advance” or “Advanced-order":

May be at any stage in the manufacturing process, or even almost ready for delivery with final BOP (balance of plant) items such as fuel system, gearbox (which would be modified/bought-in to suit the desired frequency - e.g. FT8 Twin Pac or GE Frame 6 packaged units typically utilize a TEWAC alternator which can be run at 50 or 60 Hz).


Refurbished / Overhauled:

Usually with such work undertaken by an OEM-owned or OEM-approved workshop or similar/competing facility with recognized/accredited procedures. Limited warranty may be available on labor or parts replaced.


"Zero-Houred" / “Zero timed”:

Fully refurbished by an OEM-approved or similar workshop to "as-new" condition, with a revised warranty on the overhaul work performed. Performance guarantees may also be available or negotiated, which would then be applicable to the new site.


"As-Is" or "As-Is/Where-Is":

Usually no refurbishment or overhaul has been performed and the equipment is bought entirely at the purchaser's risk, with no guarantees, warranties (available or implied), "merchantability" or "fitness for purpose". It is also implied that any dismantling, disposal of unwanted auxiliaries, site clearance, etc. is solely at the purchaser's expense.






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