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Leading the Industry in Custom Remanufactured EMD Diesel Generating Sets

CTG Power Solutions, LLC™ (“CTG-PSL”), is a global provider of remanufactured diesel and natural gas reciprocating systems operating between 500 and 3000KW of output at 50/60 cycle. Our customized diesel and gas powered engines are used for marine propulsion, offshore and land based oil well drilling rigs, and stationary power generation.

CTG-PSL provides EMD and other major brand remanufactured engines that are highly reliable, efficient, easily serviceable, have superior load acceptance capability leading to lower operating costs and providing for ease of maintenance based on standardized components.

CTG Power Solutions looks to forge and secure long-term relationships with its customers and strives to offer a complete line of value-added power generation services to enhance the performance of its products.

The equipment management and field service maintenance services offered by CTG-PSL sets a new industry standard for service excellence, before and after the sale. Through technological advancements and customer-focused solutions, CTG-PSL customers achieve new levels of reliability, flexibility, cost reduction and asset utilization.






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