Corporate Mission


CTG Power Systems International Inc.'s (CTG) mission focuses on meeting our customers’ energy engineering, equipment and project needs, today and in the future. We adhere to a set of core principles, while emphasizing and applying a consistent business model across all of our companies, and providing close attention to every detail of our business to help our customers realize their fullest potential for success.

Balance among our six core business principles, namely: client services, employee commitment, operational excellence, professional and personal integrity, and financial strength – are all essential to meeting the objectives of our company. We place equal emphasis on each principle, which allows us to operate our business in a manner that creates sustainability and delivers true value to our clients, our employees and communities. These business principles are the cornerstone of our organization, the foundation of our decision-making processes and the measures by which we determine success.


Our Vision


Our disciplined approach to administering and marketing our services to our clients, managing internal growth, project costs and the delivery of genuine value to our client base --- during both good or tough economic times, ensures we never lose sight of the fact that our customers trust us to minimize risks, maximize the value of their investment, provide the absolute highest level of technical services and to always strive to keep their best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Our efforts continue to pay off, demonstrating our unyielding focus to adhere to our business principles and determination. Achieving the highest level of excellence with complete client satisfaction is an absolute necessity for our organization, with demonstrable results realized from our employees’ commitment to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. This philosophy complements our mission and keeps us at the forefront of our competition. CTG Power Systems International, Inc. continues to set the pace and return improving sales revenues which has allowed its family of companies to expand and further diversify their services offerings.