Robert Siegel

Robert (Bob) G. Siegel serves as CTG Power Systems International, Inc.’s (CTG-PSI) Chief Electrical Engineer specializing in Peaking / Co-Generation / Distributed Energy / Waste-to-Energy Power Plants.

Mr. Siegel studied Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology; and the University of Miami. He has a BS degree Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. He has completed numerous hours of postgraduate and continuing education credits. Bob brings 30 years of experience to CTG Power Systems International in feasibility and application studies, customer metering, contracts, design, engineering, project management and construction.

Mr. Siegel is a registered and licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Florida and has also served as a consultant to utilities and private industry.Prior to joining CTG-PSI, Mr. Siegel served as project manager for several companies involved in construction of large reciprocating power plants, design of waste-to-energy / renewable energy plants and large pipeline compressor systems. He was directly involved as Engineering and Project Manager for a 50MW diesel distributed generation plant for Lakeland Electric, a utility distributed generation plants in Chile; a 12 unit diesel plant for a uranium mine in South Africa; as well as several smaller plants.

Mr. Siegel has also worked with municipal and county governments in design and specification of emergency backup generation for public health / safety facilities. He has been responsible for the engineering and design of over 30 reciprocating engine plants from 50kw to over 50MW. These plants include, waste to energy (RDF, LFG,), biofueled (anaerobic digested manure, municipal WW), and diesel / natural gas fueled engines. Experience also includes small to large combustion turbine / combined cycle plants (10MW – 250 MW).

While Mr. Siegel’s experience focuses on interconnection design and contracts for IPP plants with various utilities, his background also includes energy audits, industrial power system design and supply options. He has significant experience in electric metering and relaying, including remote meter reading, SCADA systems, (engine/generator controls) and power quality studies and related equipment. He has experience in generation planning, IRP and other planning techniques.While in a previous career to CTG-PSI, Mr. Siegel served as Director of the City of Lakeland Department of Electric Utilities and has worked for the City for several years in various engineering and management positions. During his tenure he directed installation of over 1200 MW of steam and gas turbines, reciprocating engines utilizing natural gas, oil, diesel, coal, petroleum coke, and municipal refuse fuels and was responsible for customer metering, substation design and control, protective relaying, and system control center.

He has had the distinction of serving as the past president of the Florida Electric Metering Association, a Lifetime Member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Municipal Electric Association, a Past Member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Municipal Power Agency, a Past Member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, a Past Member of the Board of the Florida Electric Power Coordinating Group, and enjoys a lifetime membership in The Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers.

Mr. Siegel has also been acknowledged both regionally and nationally for the following awards and recognition:

Florida Municipal Electric Association “Member of the Year”

University Of South Florida “Engineering Council Member of the Year"

Lakeland Community Industrial “Appreciation & Service Award”

Florida Foundation for Future Scientists “Dedicated Service Award”

Florida Municipal Power Agency “Dedicated Service Award"

Florida Municipal Electric Association “Lifetime Achievement Award”.