Mr. Robert (“Bob”) C. Paladino joined CTG Power Systems International, Inc. (“CTG-PSI”) in the fall of 2011 and serves as CTG-PSI’s Senior Vice-president and Chief Commercial Officer. He is an attorney by training and a successful senior business executive with over thirty-five years of private and public sector legal, financial and management experience in the energy/environmental and technical service sectors, both domestic and international. 

His academic credentials include a Juris Doctorate degree from George Washington University and Bachelor and Master's Degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Manhattan College. He also attended the MBA program at New York University. Bob has been a member in good standing of the Bar of the State of New York for over thirty years, and up until recently had served as the Village Attorney for the Town/Village of Harrison, New York and as a Commissioner of the County of Westchester Public Utilities Services Agency. 

Bob offers CTG-PSI a very well-rounded and unique background that includes legal, business, financial and public policy experience in the energy, environmental and technical services power sector which will serve all segments of CTG-PSI’s varied business enterprises. Furthermore, he has managed an in-house law department and overseen the US and international activities of numerous outside law firms on a diverse range of legal issues, including complex EPC contracts, corporate operations, real estate, M&A due diligence, environmental, regulatory and compliance issues.

He has interacted at, and with all levels of the US and many international governments on key legal, financial, legislative and policy matters; has successful domestic and international project finance, legal and managerial experience; possesses a high level of skill and accomplishment dealing with the public, unions, C-suite decision makers and stakeholders to develop consensus solutions to complex problems and a reputation for team building within the various organizations with whom he has had the privilege to work for and lead. As both a public and private attorney in New York for over thirty years, he retains a proven expertise in environmental, real estate, financing, complex contract negotiations --- including EPC agreements, health, safety, security and welfare issues, personnel, labor contracts and has served as an arbitrator on numerous insurance and facilities’ construction contract disputes. 

As a legal and business executive, Bob has strong experience that has encompassed extensive national and international travel on all continents including the US, Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe-both Western and Eastern, Central and South America and the Caribbean. He is known for his ability to engage all levels of shareholders, patron, investors, subject experts, legislative organizations, and other potentially interested parties in value-added decision making, and having a demonstrated ability to secure funding from a variety of public and private sources. This broad range of corporate experience also includes: strategic planning and business development, government affairs, corporate and project finance, human resources management, marketing and public relations and expertise in mergers and acquisitions, which has proved invaluable as corporate counsel to numerous US and international energy companies.Bob reports directly to the CEO and has involvement in most legal, contractual, EPC negotiations and project finance matters for CTG Power Systems International, Inc. and all of its affiliated companies.