Harold Pernia

Harold PerniaMr. Harold Pernia currently serves as Vice President of Project Management for CTG-PSI Systems International’s (CTG-PSI). Mr. Pernia joined the Company in 2010, and at that time, he served as senior project site manager for Latin America. He currently manages CTG-PSI’s US southeast office based in Miami and continues to oversee all of the Company’s EPC projects.

Mr. Pernia graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1985 and also received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1987. He also proudly holds another four year degree in Construction Management from Boston College.
Mr. Pernia, offers CTG-PSI’s clients excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a keen acumen for working very effectively with a diversity of clients including developers, architects, engineers, merchant operators, government officials, subcontractors and vendors. Mr. Pernia plays an integral role as an experienced manager of power projects considering his portfolio of past achievements involving complex power plant and other energy related projects around the globe.

A high achiever, Mr. Pernia is that rare, continuous improvement expert with a proven track record of leveraging his hands-on experience and skills in the energy sector setting direction and communicating the client’s vision and expectation. Mr. Pernia is a total team player whom operates from a customer centric platform. He understands the client’s value to the company and routinely anticipates client’s needs. Mr. Pernia looks to exceed the client’s expectations at all times, and encourages others in his employ and on his team to always do the same. He is highly adept at navigating highly complex technical EPC project management processes, in both the electric power generation and oil and gas sectors.

While inspiring, motivating and leading his team toward achieving and exceeding organizational goals, Harold has the ability to look forward, problem solve with foresight, apply cause and effect thinking to any project challenge, anticipate change, use resources to understand risk and rewards, and a leader whom can apply his strategic thinking to meet and overcome the most challenging of obstacles. Mr. Pernia offers CTG-PSI’s clients a strong track record of operational management, project performance metrics, reporting, scheduling, project profitability and employee development.

Mr. Pernia, who is also fully bilingual (English and Spanish) is an American citizen and native of Venezuela. He resides in Florida with his wife and three children.